A new year’s adventure in the Grätzl

Your bar guide for a wonderful night in your favorite Grätzl

New Year’s Eve in Vienna can be a wonderful experience, especially when spent in the right way, or just following the path we’ve laid out for you. That way, you know where to be when and what to drink where, and can focus on getting the most out of your time here. As we say in Austria: Prosit!

7pm: Meidlinger Markt

We suggest you start your New Year’s Eve tour in Meidling, where you can find numerous wonderful Austrian “beisl” (pubs) and Austrian dining establishments around the market and the Meidlinger Hauptstraße. Since the market especially closes early though, we suggest you start here and watch the hustle and bustle of life around you while enjoying a “weißer Spritzer”, a glass of white wine with sparkling water, – a drink that has the power to get your mind adjusted to the Austrian way of life.

9pm: Neubau

For the next stop, we recommend you take a stroll through the 7th district, where you can find a bustling scene and countless hip bars with fantastic cocktails on offer. Since the new year is getting closer, we would recommend upping the level a bit and maybe having something a little stronger on the side, maybe a “Berliner Luft”, or a “Mexikaner”, “Ingewerer”, or just any proper Austrian spirit.

11pm: Belvedere

Now that the timers on the clock are advancing it is time to get to higher ground. The Belvedere district is a good place to head, not least because many of the city’s best rooftop bars are located nearby. Maybe you want to try the Aurora Bar on the roof of the Hotel Andaz or the Atmosphere Bar on Schubertring? Wherever you choose to go: Make sure to find something sparkling for your glasses; after all: the new year is around the corner now.

1am: Prater

Now that you’ve made it into the new year you might be looking for something a little more exciting. Whatever your taste in music, Vienna has something for you. Here, at the Prater, at Pratersauna you will find Techno, at the VIEiPEE HipHop, and Dancefloor Charts at Praterdome, as well as multiple Hot Dog stands in full swing. Now that the countdown is in the past you should probably switch to longdrinks, and maybe not leave it at just one.

4am: Karmelitermarkt

Now that you’ve proven to the new year that you can party it is time for a last change of venue, for which we suggest traveling to Karmelitermarkt, where the clubs of the Danube canal are around the corner, should you not yet be ready for bed. The nightclubs Flex and Grelle Forelle are waiting.

May your new year have a wonderful start.