Back again!

5 good reasons for a stay in Vienna in graetzlhotel

It might well be a special summer this year, but summer it is nonetheless and we are happy to see life returning to the streets and parks of Vienna, where the people are clearly enjoying the fact that they can get out again. That is true for us as well, and we are also delighted to see businesses of all sorts starting up again. We at graetzlhotel will be opening our doors for all travelers again on the 29th of May and we have 5 reasons why visiting Vienna right now is a great idea.

Enough with the cooking
… don’t you think? We at least have had enough of our own cooking and are really enjoying having others do it for us. Also, it is just nice to be in our favorite restaurants again. Sometimes we just need that. We tried making due, but our homemade sushi just doesn’t cut it.

The regenerative nature of travel
… truly exists. Sometimes one just has to get out to be stimulated and to develop new perspectives. Yes, this summer will be different, but life is out there again and there are more than enough impressions to be had, which will tingle your senses and reactivate you. We promise.

Take a walk, stroll a bit, and get lost in the city
… we all need that sometimes. Just wander around, aimlessly, through narrow streets, large shopping streets, parks, and recreation areas. Grab a mélange somewhere, or an ice cream cone, or drink a Spritzer somewhere, and maybe end the day on a Schnitzel with a beer. Vienna is, after all, still Vienna.

Watch people in the park
… It is good for you! Seeing people live life makes living life easier. Give your soul a little push, and maybe also lay down on the green lawns of the city’s parks and spend some time just staring at the blue sky while the sun shines in your face. The weather is already playing along quite well.

Some travel because they have to
… which does not mean that it can’t be enjoyed. Our spacious private suites in lively, centrally located neighborhoods are the ideal place to be for those who have full days of business and still want to enjoy the city this summer. Give it a try. You’ll be delighted.

Of course, there are countless reasons to visit Vienna and we are sure you have your own. Whatever they are, we are very much looking forward to seeing you in Vienna again.

Should you already have a date in mind or if you have questions regarding our suites or current offers you can gladly write to . We are always happy to hear from you!