Getting through this crisis together

4 ways to help the graetzlhotel fellows in these difficult times

Nothing is easy right now, it seems. Our team feels reminded of the beginning of the graetzlhotel journey, when everything was about improvising, finding creative solutions, and muddling through to achieve the best that is possible. The difference is: Now everybody is in the same boat, which is why it is important to stick together right now and to look out for each other.
The graetzlhotel is still open for you and so are many of our fellows, who continue to provide their services even in these difficult times. These are the places that make your stays with us so wonderful. To help them get through this we would recommend four ways of supporting them. Maybe you want to help out?

Vouchers for instant relief

While many of the places we like to frequent are currently closed for business and we are stuck at home we are certain that we will want to frequent those same places again once this is better or all over. At the same time, not all of these places can survive this crisis without our help. Especially the small businesses, which we personally cherish the most, are having difficulties operating without income. One solution is buying vouchers now and using them later. For example vouchers from Pizza Mari or from Wundertüte.

Go to the (online) market!

Whether Meidlinger Markt or Karmelitermarkt – many of our suites are in the direct vicinity of local Viennese markets, which normally are treasure troves filled with delicacies and rich social life. These days though they are, unfortunately, a lot less lively, but despite it all, some stands are still selling their goods. For example, Anna am Markt and the exquisite deli Opocensky are still open during certain times of the day and still serving delicious food. Others, like Ignaz and Rosalia, will soon be open for orders via the newly established delivery service and will gladly deliver fresh goods to your doorstep.

Have it delivered

Of course, we are all staying at home right now. And yet, some of us just lack the mood (or talent) for cooking. Luckily, many restaurants and also some of our fellows are delivering their tasty dishes right to your door. Zsam Zsam, for example, offers vegan and traditional Arabian, Syrian, and international dishes. Wulfisch, on the other hand, will gladly deliver the finest fish dishes. Other fellows are even offering more special delivery options. Lafafi, for example, will bring you fresh and prepared goods for a healthy diet that will last you a week.

Discover shops online

Shopping online is nothing new. Yet, while the physical stores remain closed it is of tremendous importance for shop owners that digital sales increase, which is why you should support your favorite stores by checking in. Among our fellows, you can find spirits, wine, and much more in the online shop of Sussitz and beer at, you guessed it, the Beer Store Vienna. Cheers.

You can find a list of our fellows at For more information, you can always write us at . We are always happy to hear from you.