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The best ice cream parlors of Vienna

Who doesn’t love the wonderful taste of tenderly melting gelato?
Especially on hot days it just provides the perfect addition to a stroll through the neighborhoods (aka graetzls) of Vienna.
So that you need not search for the right parlor near your suite for too long we collected some of our favorite parlors here for you, which are of course all located in walking distance to the graetzlhotel suites.

Gelateria Gamba
This family owned ice cream parlor exists since 1928 and serves wonderful traditional Italian ice cream. The chef was born in Milan and is Meidling’s unchallenged champion of gelato.
Graetzlhotel-Tip: You must try the lemon ice cream! This flavor has taken Mirko Gamba, the chef, to the top of the crop at the Austrian ice cream championship and when you try it, you will know why. You should not say no to a champion.

Gelateria Gamba: Meidlinger Hauptstraße 6, 1120 Wien
Closest graetzlhotel: Meidlinger Markt

Heiling Eismacher
Artisanal ice cream made following a well-guarded family recipe since 1927, how does that sound? This ice is freshly made from organic local products daily in nearby Burgenland. Even a lot of the fruit is grown in their own garden. Typical flavors are accompanied by flavors you won’t get anywhere else. Maybe you want to try “Grandma’s apple cake” or “Salzburger Nockeln”? In any case, make sure you try the Nougat-Iceknödel. Enjoy!

Heiling: Meidlinger Hauptstraße 72, 1120 Wien
Closest graetzlhotel: Meidlinger Markt

Eissalon am Schwedenplatz
This established enterprise is looking back on a sweet history lasting since 1886. Today it is best known for its enormous choice of over 100 flavors and offers for people with allergies, intolerances, as well as flavors for diabetics and vegans. Whether you are looking for something fruits or sour… here you will find what you seek. We promise.

Eissalon am Schwedenplatz: Franz-Josefs-Kai 17, 1010 Wien
Closest graetzlhotel: Karmelitermarkt

Zanoni & Zanoni
If you take a peek and look what hides behind the name Gelateria Luciano Zanoni, also known as Zanoni & Zanoni, you will discover wonderful things! Mainly: Incredibly good ice cream and the most creative Coppa-compositions in town, best enjoyed in the open-air section of this perfectly located ice-cream parlor. Maybe you even want to add a creamy cake? In any case, nobody will be surprised to find this one on this list.

Zanoni & Zanoni: Lugeck 7, 1010 Wien
Closest graetzlhotel: Karmelitermarkt

Eis Kiosk Biondi
Small but oho! Yes, you won’t find a lot of space at the snug “Da Biondi & Biodni”, also known as “Eis Kiosk Biondi”, but when you hold this selfmade ice cream in your hands while you stroll down the street you won’t care. Should you find a table and grab a seat then make sure that you try one of the lavish ice cream bowls on offer.
Graetzlhotel-Tip: Make sure to have cash on you when visiting here because they don’t accept cards. Should you forget the nearest ATM is at the main train station “Hauptbahnhof”, right across the street.

Eis Kiosk Biondi: Wiedner Gürtel 12, 1040 Wien
Closest graetzlhotel: Belvedere

Tichy Eisspezialitäten
As the name already says you will find ice specialities here that will deliver instant cold joy. Tichy is one of the most cherished institutions of Vienna and has been delighting people since 1952. Their famous “Eismarillenknödel” (ice apricot dumplings) are an integral part of Viennese culture, but the ice cream cakes and coups are more than worth trying as well. You’ll see.

Tichy Eisspezialitäten: Reumannplatz 13, 1100 Wien
Closest graetzlhotel: Belvedere

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Beware, this ice cream parlor is a highlight not only if you are a vegan! Veganista was founded by the (vegan) sisistens Susanna and Cecilia with the explicit goal of creating something really special, which they managed to achieve. By using only organic, regional products to create unconventional flavors they managed to make a name for themselves really fast and have already made many customers very happy. Maybe you will be among those happy customers someday?

Veganista IV: Taborstraße 15, 1020
Closest graetzlhotel: Prater / Karmelitermarkt

Leones Gelato
Food touches the soul, so they say. If that is so then ice must be a kiss, and Leone kisses in a wonderful way! Light, fruity, full of flavor, and just plain delicious! Fair warning: You will have trouble stopping once you get started.

Leones Gelato: Praterstraße 16, 1020 Wien
Closest graetzlhotel: Prater / Karmelitermarkt

Of course there are countless wonderful ice cream parlors in the city of Vienna only waiting to be discovered by you. We are sure that you will find your own favorite & wish you a lot of joy while searching for that special ice cream off-the-beaten-track!