Why giving a holiday is the best Christmas present

5 reasons to give graetzlhotel vouchers this year

Christmas is a time for gifts. Yet many struggle to find the right present, year after year. What is the right present for dad, mom, a sibling, a friend, or a loved one?
We believe that a graetzlhotel voucher might be the solution, and we have five good reasons that we would like to share.

Flexibility is king

Gift vouchers are a great thing. They are light-weight, don’t take up space and can be used when needed. This is especially useful when it comes to holidays, since we unfortunately can’t always take those when we please. Who really knows when a holiday is possible, many months in advance. In any case, the person you gift our voucher can use the graetzlhotel voucher whenever he or she wishes, and there is no expiration date attached.

Give yourself a little something

A wise man once said that you should always give things that bring you joy as well. We guess that is the reason that some men like to give their partners something for the kitchen or lingerie. It might sound self-centered, but it is actually quite smart. In this case you can assume that you, the person providing the gift, will have the privilege of being the +1. Sounds like a good deal to us.

Two birds with one stone…

To give is an art, another wise man once said. As we all know, many people find it a challenge to dream up a present while many others often dream up presents, that the person who receives the present can find little enthusiasm for. Others though are so good at it, that their presents cover two occasions at once. We believe that our vouchers are ideally suited for such an action. Just add a line that you are looking forward to the trip for Valentine’s Day and voila… two birds with one stone.

Please. Not another dust collector.

Let’s be honest: Who hasn’t wanted to say that out loud while unwrapping a present under the tree at least once? Too often we give, not because we want to give, but because we feel an obligation to do so, and end up giving something that just takes up space. Another vase nobody needs. Another book, that nobody has the time to read. But gifting should not result in a burden. Luckily a holiday is never a burden, and always capable of producing a smile.

Say goodbye to your daily routine

Who doesn’t need to get away sometimes? And how wonderful is it, when you can get away with a person you love? We can’t imagine anything better. For us, finding time for the things that elude us in our daily lives is true regeneration. So who wouldn’t want to gift shared time?


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