Vienna in the winter OUTDOOR EDITION

5 OUTDOOR tips for the cold season in Vienna

Sure, there is no such thing as bad weather – but excursions and tours are only really fun when it is warm
and sunny outside, right? Not ture!
In our two-part article, you will get tips on what to do in Vienna, indoors and outdoors, even in freezing
temperatures. Have fun with Part 2, the Outdoor Edition.

1. It sparkles so beautifully …

Schönbrunn Palace Gardens, Praterallee, Lainzer Tiergarten – who doesn’t like to stroll through
the green spots of Vienna? But all of these places are not only beautiful in summer. Sugar-coated
with snow, the pretty gardens of the city compete with every snow globe. So, throw on a jacket
and scarf and discover the breathtaking icy side! If you want to combine your winter walk with a
shopping spree, it is best to go to the first district, Kärntnerstraße, Stephansplatz and Graben
during Advent. While the lamps of the opulent Christmas lights glitter with the snowflakes, you
can also go shopping in the many shops in the city center.

2. On the runners, ready, go

Movement is known to help warm up. But you don’t have to dig out your skis and go to the
mountains. We recommend a visit to the popular Vienna Ice Skating Club instead. Viennese have
been meeting here for over 150 years to make their rounds on the ice or play a game of curling.
The ice ring is open between October and March.
If you want a touch of something special, go to the Vienna Ice Dream: between January and
March, an artificial ice ring is set up in front of the Vienna City Hall every year, where you can ride
on 2 floors and winding paths made of ice through the Rathauspark and on the Rathausplatz.

3. I’m the Lord of fire

If it weren’t so cold, you might suddenly think it is summer! In the fire village, those who don’t
want go a winter without a proper will get their money’s worth, even at around zero degrees. The
quaint little village consists of several pretty wooden huts with integrated fireplaces for grilling,
which are built along the Danube. All you have to do is choose one of 9 grill options, including
grilled food, side dishes and sauces, and the feasting can begin.
Attention: do not forget to reserve the huts in advance. During the datimey and on Sundays you
do not need to pay for the hut itself. There is space for 8-12 people per hut

4. If you are a sweet tooth…

If you fight fire with fire, then probably cold with cold. And when it comes to gelato, you can
actually take this tip to heart. Ice cream parlors like the Gelateria Romana or Bortolotti are also
open in the winter months – you can always rely on the Italians. If that’s not enough sweet
commitment, the best thing to do is to visit Veganista. Not only is the ice cream shop open in
autumn and mostly also in winter, there are also seasonal varieties such as gingerbread and
tangerine. Predicate: addictive!

5. Raise the (punch) cups

Drinking punch is and remains an outdoor classic in the cold season. Of course, this pleasure is
mainly limited to Advent, because where there are Christmas markets, there are also punch
stands. After Christmas, some of the markets are converted into New Year’s Eve markets, where
you can buy sweets and goodies for the New Year as well as sweets – if you don’t have any
mulled wine anymore, then you can at least get a punch donut.The winter market in the
Wurstelprater is still open in the first few weeks of the new year – punch stands included. Or you
can save yourself from chattering teeth and instead drink a beer in one of the many cozy
Viennese bars.