Who are the URBANAUTS?

Part 2: Jolanda

Former street level shops that have been transformed into cozy suites and stylish apartments, next door
to locals: If you have ever stayed at the grätzlhotel or at etagerie you know what a special experience
these innovative hotel concepts offer. Of course, there must be a fantastic team behind all of this.
That is why we started this blog-series, where we introduce you to the wonderful individuals whose
dedication, hard work, love for details, and organizational talent makes your special stay possible.

Name: Jolanda
Job title: Receptionist and front desk

“What I enjoy most is that every day is different here.”

What do you do at URBANAUTS?
I have very different tasks. In the morning I usually start by establishing an overview of everything that
must be done, before answering inquiries and discussing the current work and projects with my team.
More specifically, I am responsible for day-to-day business. I take care of the housekeeping briefing,
create offers as well as process and check reservations.
My job also includes guest support and customer relationship management. I am responsible for our long
stays and our corporate clients in Linz and make recommendations as to which locations and suites are
ideal for certain wishes and needs. I also support Sofie in her operational tasks, train new employees
and I am always on the go helping guests. On top of that, I am responsible for our Tuscan HIDEAUT Le
Vignacce, which I enjoy very much.

What do you like best about your job?
What I like most is working with my team, from whom I can always learn something. By taking care of our
HIDEAUTS project in Italy – Le Vignacce – I can even improve my Italian language skills. I also especially
like the variety and the constant action of my job.

In which suite would you stay for a weekend, if you’d have to choose?
I’d enjoy the vinyl dealer most because I like the cozy bed on the upper floor of the room. I would listen to
old records all night long. In the morning I would go to Ignaz & Rosalia’s at Meidlinger Markt for breakfast
and then stroll through the market before spending the rest of Sunday in bed.

Where does one find you, if you are not at work?
It depends on the season and where I am. In the winter, I particularly like the cozy cafes in Vienna.
During summer I prefer wine taverns on the outskirts of the city or the Danube Island. When I am in Linz,
the old town is definitely my favorite place to be!

How do you like your coffee?
I like the classic: coffee with milk and sugar!