Who are the URBANAUTS?

Part 1: Sofie

Former street level shops that have been transformed into cozy suites and stylish apartments, next door to locals: If you have ever stayed at the grätzlhotel or at etagerie you know what a special experience these innovative hotel concepts offer. Of course, there must be a fantastic team behind all of this.
That is why we are starting this blog-series, where we will be introducing you to the wonderful individuals whose dedication, hard work, love for details, and organizational talent makes your special stay possible.

Name: Sofie
Job Title: Team Leader Operations

“A successful day for me is a day on which all guests, colleagues, and management are satisfied.”

What do you do at URBANAUTS?
I mainly take care of organizing daily operations and making sure that there are no hick-ups in our daily work. Besides that, I constantly try to optimize process organization and to develop standards for our extraordinary hotel products. Furthermore, I coordinate our four grätzlhotel locations in Vienna and the daily operations at the etagerie in Linz. In my job, it is very important to prioritize and to be able to multi-task.

What do you like best about your job?
I love my team and the excitement we all share with regard to our special hotel products, as well as the solidarity and cohesiveness within our team. I think that this really shows in how much we accomplish daily despite our small team size. This is also a result of the trust placed in us by our boss, Thesi. Lastly, I think that we can all be who we really are at work, and I really love that.

In which suite would you stay for a weekend, if you’d have to choose?
In the market crier! Not only do I love the Meidlinger Markt location, with the colorful market atmosphere right outside the door, which seems so typical for Vienna, but I also really love the contorted floor plan of this lovely suite, which I find incredibly comfortable. Lastly, it has a bathtub and these wonderful, sexy curtains around the bed… I couldn’t ask for more.

Where does one find you, if you are not at work?
When I am not at work I like sitting by the Danube canal or playing pool at Café Sperlhof.
When the weather is right I also really like going hiking in the woods and meadows in and around Vienna.

How do you like your coffee?
I really like regular coffee, meaning one with milk. But, to be honest, I mainly stick to the filter coffee from home these days, because nobody in Vienna really seems to understand what I want, when I order one.