Our Top 4 Grätzl Moments

Early Summer Edition

There are only a few places where early summer blossoms can be seen as magnificently as in Vienna. The blossoms of the chestnut trees not only transform the famous Ringstrasse into a colorful oasis but also make the faces of admirers shine.

In this post, we will introduce our top 4 Grätzl moments for a perfect early summer in Vienna – to make the most of the first rays of sunshine in Vienna!


Located behind the Belvedere in the heart of the city, there is a beautiful green oasis that often goes unnoticed. Endangered species, exotic plants and representatives of native flora call the Botanical Garden their home, transforming it into a valuable habitat for wildlife. Taking a stroll through this botanical paradise guarantees moments of relaxation, recovery and tranquility.

Opening hours:
10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Free Entrance

Only a 15-minute walk from the Street Junior Suite / Street Suite grätzlhotel BELVEDERE.



The Danube Canal promenade is known for its diverse range of activities. You’ll come across magnificent architectural buildings, pass by Vienna’s largest graffiti zone (where legal spray painting is allowed), and be pleasantly surprised by numerous beach bars and restaurants.

Tip: Taking a walk through the Servitenviertel, crossing the Danube Canal into the Augarten, is perfect on a mild early summer evening. The ambiance of the water and the sense of freedom in the Augarten will prove that the city harbors countless hidden moments of well-being.

The Danube Canal and the Augarten are a 15-minute walk from the Street Suites grätzlhotel SERVITEN and grätzlhotel KARMELITERMARKT.

Augarten Opening Hours:
Mon – Sun
7:00 am – 9:00 pm
Free Entrance






The new café-restaurant Rondell is located on one of Vienna’s local mountains, known as Cobenzl. Whether you arrive by public transportation or hike up to Cobenzl on foot, you will be rewarded either way: the unique view of the city and the delicious cuisine at Rondell Café won’t disappoint you!

From there, you could overlook all our grätzlhotel locations and choose your favorite district! Head up there for a Viennese Schnitzel!

Opening Hours:
Mon – Sun
11:30 am – 10:00 pm

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Indeed, they still exist after all: coffee houses and deli shops combined!

Anna Putz runs the gourmet shop at Stand 25/27, providing authenticity at the Meidlinger Markt with regional products and organic quality. The fine bistro offers not only freshly roasted coffee but also high-quality food such as bread, hand-rolled pretzels and specialty cheeses from premium and organic dairies.

Simply try and immerse yourself – following the sentiment of Friedrich Schlegel: “Ich genoß nicht bloß, sondern ich fühlte und genoß auch den Genuß”. (“I didn’t just enjoy, but I felt and savored the enjoyment.”)

Opening Hours:
Tue – Sat
9:00 am – 6:00 pm

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