Bike Tours in and around Vienna

The best bike tours in and around Vienna

Whether it's a day of swimming on the Danube Island, a voyage of discovery in the beautiful Lobau or a ride around the Ring for the architecture - the city is particularly easy to explore by bike.

Danube Island

Cycling to the bathing spots on the Old Danube or the Kaiserwasser is also more relaxed than taking the subway. You start at the Ring, from here you cycle along the well-developed cycle path in the direction of the Urania, i.e. against the direction of traffic, past the magnificent buildings. There you cross the Danube Canal over the Franzensbrücke bridge and follow Praterstraße. After the Praterstern, the route continues along the Prater Hauptallee in the countryside. After about one kilometer, keep left under the freeway bridge and follow the signs to Danube Island before crossing the Danube on the Reichsbrücke. Now you can decide whether you want to stay on the bridge to get to the Kaiserwasser or whether you would rather explore the Danube Island.

Cycle along the Ring!

The sightseeing classic is undoubtedly the Ring circuit. The five-kilometre route is not strenuous and is well developed. This route is highly recommended, especially in summer. Past the Votive Church, the Parliament, the Hotel Imperial, the Hofburg and other famous buildings, you cycle around the first district, always with the opportunity to refresh yourself in one of the numerous cafés along the way.

Danube Canal Cycle Path

One of eight themed cycle paths in Vienna. The well-developed cycle path runs along the idyllic canal between Spittelau and the Gasometer. The route is particularly suitable for street art lovers, as the Danube Canal is lined with graffiti. The cycle path can also be perfectly combined with other routes.

Greifenstein loop

The approximately 40-kilometre Greifenstein loop is a sporty route. We start on the Danube Canal cycle path in the direction of Spittelau and keep to the southern bank of the Danube, past the Kuchelau harbor and continue in the direction of Klosterneuburg. We continue along the well-maintained cycle path until we finally reach Kritzendorf, where we can turn right to swim in the cold Danube at the Kritzendorf swimming pool or continue straight on until we can turn right. We now cross the Danube via the Greifenstein power station and return to Vienna on the other side of the river. We cycle through the floodplain landscape past Korneuburg and, after crossing the lock, end up back on the Danube island. From here we return to the Danube Canal cycle path and then home.

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