Marie, who are the URBANAUTS?

“I just love working for and with the URBANAUTS.”

Former street-level shops that have been transformed into cozy suites and stylish apartments, next door to locals: If you have ever stayed at the grätzlhotel or at etagerie you know what a special experience these innovative hotel concepts offer. Of course, there must be a fantastic team behind all of this.
That is why we started this blog series, where we introduce you to the wonderful individuals whose dedication, hard work, love for details, and organizational talent makes your special stay possible.

Name: Marie
Job title: Marketing & Sales

What do you do at URBANAUTS?

Mainly I am responsible for activities related to Marketing & Sales. For example, I try establishing cooperations, deal with such requests, and take care of our presence in the online space. Since I only work 15 hours a week, that means that I have more than enough to do when I am at the office. Despite that, I additionally also am part of various projects that we handle as a team. I especially like those, since they offer much room for creative input and it is here that I can pitch in with many ideas. I also love working in our small team in Vienna very much because we all try to help each other out. That way no day looks the same as the other and no day is boring.

What do you like best about your job?

What I like especially about working for URBANAUTS is that you are challenged to learn and grow on the job and learn new skills, whether at the office or beyond. Also, I always wanted to have a job where I get to interact with people a lot. I never wanted to be alone with my computer. In that sense especially this job is perfect for me. Yet, the most important thing for me and what I like most is surely is the team spirit. If you run into problems there is always someone around to help and we always work hard together to find solutions for every problem that arises. This solution-oriented work ethic is always noticeable and lived daily, by the management and the entire team.

In which suite would you stay for a weekend, if you’d have to choose?

Difficult question! We have so many lovely suites, many of which I like a lot. Additionally, every neighborhood is special in so many ways. For example, I really like the Meidlinger Markt and would always be happy to spend a night at the Children’s Shoe Seller, but I would also be delighted to spend a night at one of our newest suites, the Carpenter at Belvedere, the interior of which I consider delightful.

Where does one find you, if you are not at work?

If the sun is shining and the coffee is good I am happy to be just about anywhere!

How do you like your coffee?

I really like what we call a “Verlägerter”: Black coffee diluted with a bit of hot water and a shot of milk. When the day is long I also really like a double espresso.

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