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5 reasons why our suites are the perfect temporary office

We have 5 reasons why our graetzlhotel suites are the perfect replacement for your office in these testing times

Social Distancing
Avoiding social interaction is currently of utmost importance. When working from a graetzlhotel suite that is no problem.
You don’t even have to interact to check in to your suite. Just book a suite online and you will receive a code with which you can retrieve the key to your room from the key safe right outside the door. Also, during the duration of your stay, you will be the only person entering your suite. Even the cleaning crew will only enter the suite after you have checked out. That way you can be sure that nobody gets too close to you.

Better equipped than most offices
A table, a chair, and a stable internet connection. Admittedly, it is not much that one really needs for work these days. Still, it can be nice to have a little more. In our suites, you will find welcoming bright rooms with a lot of lighting and a view of the streets as well as comfy seating areas. Also, there is a coffee machine just for you and all the toilet paper you have ever dreamed of.

Avoid procrastination!
Ironing, dusting, sorting that box that has been around for a decade; – often, when working at home, we find a thousand things to do other than work. Maybe leaving your home is not the worst idea. In our suites, you need not worry about anything but work. After all, you wouldn’t be cleaning the windows during your time in the office, right?

Full house?
They say that one way true love manifests itself when you feel close to a person even though you are far away. At the same time being too close to a loved one for a prolonged period of time can be a testing experience, especially when there is work to be done. When many people have to live and work in close quarters this can be especially challenging. A graetzlhotel suite can free up some space at home and offer a space where you can clear your mind and do some focused work while giving your loved ones space to breathe.

Since you now know why our graetzlhotel suites are ideally suited to become a temporary office we would also like to point out that they can of course also be used as a temporary home, if that is what you need right now. Of course, we hope that you are feeling well and that you are healthy. Yet, should you be afraid of maybe being infected or should you be forced to self-quarantine for some reason you should know that a cozy graetzlhotel suite is a good place to hide out.

If you are interested in using one of our suites as a home office or as a place to self-quarantine please write us a mail to . In order to offer some support in this difficult time we are currently offering special rates if you book for a week or longer. #togetheragainstcorona