Who are the URBANAUTS?

Part 3 – Bettina

Former street level shops that have been transformed into cozy suites and stylish apartments, next door
to locals: If you have ever stayed at the grätzlhotel or at etagerie you know what a special experience
these innovative hotel concepts offer. Of course, there must be a fantastic team behind all of this.
That is why we are starting this blog-series, where we will be introducing you to the wonderful individuals
whose dedication, hard work, love for details, and organizational talent makes your special stay possible.

Name: Jolanda
Job title: Receptionist and front desk staff

“We are a small, very great team, in which everyone takes on a variety of tasks.”

What do you do at URBANAUTS?
My tasks are very different: I am responsible for our guest correspondence, debit the amounts for their
stays and make the sales report. In addition, I take care that all reservations that come in through online
travel agencies are imported into our property management system. Last but not least, I also support the
housekeeping staff, for example by bringing fresh laundry to our different locations, and by creating
checklists lists for them.

What do you like best about your job?
That there is no boring everyday office life. Before my time at URBANAUTS, I worked at a reception and
only checked guests in and out all day. My current job is much more varied and exciting!

In which suite would you stay for a weekend, if you’d have to choose?
I think the former children’s shoe shop would be perfect for a cozy weekend. The suite is pretty and
playful, especially with the many lights that are scattered around the ceiling. The lighting gives it a
romantic feeling, especially in the evening – perfect for relaxing!

Where does one find you, if you are not at work?
I like to travel and try new things. I’ve even done a tandem skydive before. At home in Vienna, I love to
go for a hike at Kahlenberg or Roten Berg.

How do you like your coffee?
Sweet! Two pieces of sugar and a dash of milk.